Make your mission matter

One of the questions we get asked most is about a doll made for missions. Our Talking Jesus Dolls were never designed for mission trips. They are too big, too expensive and too English. We wanted to create the perfect product for missions at a great price point. So we made a mini version of our flagship product that doesn't talk!!

We are proud to announce The Shoebox Jesus Doll, a 9" plush Jesus that fits in a shoebox.  Our goal is to put Jesus in the hands of every child so it is natural that we look to support the tens of millions of children reached through organizations each year including Operation Christmas Child.  Here's why it's perfect for missions:

  • Size.  Dolls have to travel a long distance and usually are stuffed into a suitcase or shoebox.  Operation Christmas Child delivers 11 million shoeboxes filled with goodies to kids each Christmas.  Our doll is 9" and fits perfectly in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox as well as in your carry on luggage.
  • Age.  Kids toys are designed for narrow age ranges. Jesus happens to be perfect for kids of any age!
  • Sex.  Plush toys are also designed for either girls or boys.  Jesus happens to be perfect for boys and girls.  
  • Language.  Missions go everywhere and we just can not support 100 languages. So a non-talking Jesus doll is perfect for any country and language.  He still welcomes children with a warm smile and outstretched arms - understood everywhere.
  • Price.  At $15, it is affordable to get multiple dolls.  And we are launching a $10 special (see the end of this post)
Shoebox Jesus Doll perfect gift idea for Operation Christmas Child

Most importantly, it is Jesus.  What is more meaningful  - Jesus or, let's say, a duck?  Or a frog?  A mission without Jesus is just charity.  Our Shoebox Jesus Doll gives shoebox missionaries the ability to make Jesus the meat of a children's outreach mission. Early, tangible influences are formative and can have lifelong impact. We hope this product can help open the door to Jesus. Check it out here.


We expect to start selling in September.  Use promo code 10SJD to get 10+ dolls for $10 each.