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Podcaster Affiliate Program

The Talking Jesus Doll is the #1 Christian toy worldwide. Our podcaster affiliate program is an easy way for podcasters and influencers to monetize your content with the best commission structure available.

Talking Jesus Doll

The Talking Jesus Doll is a beautiful plush doll that speaks 10 of Jesus phrases from the Bible. Put Christ back in Christmas and teach your kids before the world does.

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Loved Worldwide

People love our product. It is loved on 4 continents and has hundreds of 5-star reviews. This is a product your audience and followers want to buy - especially around Christmas and Easter.


Earn 25%

Introduce your audience to a great product. Give them a discount code. You make 25% and its that easy.

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Network effect

Pitch your audience and your socials. Ask them to tell their friends about this great product and share your discount code with their friends and followers. As long as they use your coupon code, you get paid.

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Make $1000 this week.

We have super high conversion rates with conservative, Christian audiences. With an $75 average order value and 25% commission, your calculator can tell you that its time to...


How it works.

Working with us is simple and easy. We don't charge needless fees like other programs. Tell your audience about our doll, and get paid when they buy. Its that simple.

Step 1


Register for our program. Let us know who you are so we know who to pay. Get your custom coupon code.

Step 2


Tell your audience about this great product and how to save with your coupon code at You can use our bullets to adlib, script to read or we will arrange an interview with our founder who has done several national TV appearances. Do what suits your audience best. And don't forget to post on social and ask your members to share. You get paid when your code gets used.

Step 3


Your fans use your custom coupon code to get buy at a discount. These orders are now registered to you for referral commissions.

Step 4


We pay out 25% per order. We pay you via Paypall or check at the end of the 7 day campaign period. The fastest and easiest way to make $.


We believe the revene share partnership model is in the economic interest of both the influencer and the producer. When you get paid directly on your influence, you reach a natural equillibrium that maximizes returns for both parties. Most podcasters make significantly more this way. Thats why all the top radio shows use this exact model.

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What are you waiting for? If you have any questions, just reach out to and we will be happy to help. If not, lets go!

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Teach you kids before the World does.

We made the Talking Jesus Doll to make Jesus tangible for children and introduce Jesus' lessons from the Bible. The only plush Jesus that speaks Bible verses is a great gift for any child.